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Fur Coats are almost a way of life.                     

One thing that rappers definitely know how to do is look good!  These guys always have known how to dress and are on the forefront of setting new trends when it comes to fashion.  They also hate to be copied, which could be one reason they started wearing fur, sometimes they are too expensive for the common man to afford.  Not to mention, these rappers look really good in fur, which is probably another obvious reason they started purchasing fur coats as part of their wardrobe.  Also it might simply be a logical choice since many live in cold climates, such as Chicago, and New York.  Here are some of the cool looks I found, these guys know how to wear a fur coat.

This is one that I found, where the rapper is looking pretty good, don't worry I have a lot more to come, and I think if you can look this good in a fur coat then you will be making a purchase very soon.

Here's Ja Rule looking rough and good in one of his many fur coats for men all at the same time.  It's hard to make a face like that and still look good.  I have a feeling that this one had something to do with the fur that he was wearing more than that New York Yankees hat.

Probably my favorite of all of the fur coats, but that could just be because Kanye West is my favorite rapper. But honestly folks, he looks good in this fur coat made for men.  I would trade up for this one if only I knew where he bought it.  I bet if I contacted my local furrier he would know, I think I am starting to see why these rappers like the fur.

I will just go ahead and say it, a nice fur coat can make anyone look good!  I hope he is cleaning it properly and making sure it's in storage when he's not wearing it.  I know that if he doesn't it's going to be difficult for him to maintain that good look.  More pictures of rappers in fur coats to come, my computer is not being nice right now.